Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Anticipation

Next weekend I will have my first show for my bath & body products. I've done shows before for my scrapbooking kits and art stamps, so I think that's what is keeping me from losing my mind. Yet I am still nervous. There's always that "what if I flop and sell nothing" thought that tries to creep in. But, in reality I just know that won't happen. After all, my products are doing well in a local shop and everyone needs to bathe at some point. :)

The only glitch I've had is that part of my supply order that was supposed to be delivered three weeks ago has gone missing. Fortunately, my supplier is replacing the order at no charge to me, but some of the items were out of stock. This means I won't get what I need until Wednesday this week. That leaves me no time to make any more products, so I will be doing the show with a little less product that I had hoped.

It's funny. . . when I realized that my first reaction was to get upset. I've been in the business world for so long that I immediately was trying to figure out a contingency plan, determine a communication strategy, blah blah blah. Then it hit me.

"Wait, I am the owner, president, CEO, diva, queen, etc. of this shop. I can make the decision that what I have is plenty."

So I did.

Perhaps this is one of the joys of business ownership? I like it.

With friendship,


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Anonymous said...

Markets and shows are always unpredictable and so a little daunting! Good for you for deciding that the stock you have is enough... you can always take orders if you run out of something. :) Best of luck!

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