Saturday, February 13, 2010

Current Projects - Weekend of 2/13/2010

Okay, it's the weekend and that means one thing - mad rush to get things done while the two-year-old sleeps. On today's list:

1. Sew up the bellies of the giant worms for Children's Hospital.
2. Cut more giant worms - this time going for a boy's theme.
3. Buy more fabric.
4. Buy more soap supplies.
5. Design pillow pals for Children's.
6. Make at least one pillow pal for Mikey (the two-year-old) for Valentine's Day.
7. Wrap V-Day gift for Jake (the 11-year-old).
8. Find V-Day card for hubby that isn't too mushy. (He would never believe it - LOL!)
9. Make candles.
10. List the Lavendar lotion I made last weekend.

Okay, off to the races!

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