Saturday, February 13, 2010

Progress Report

Okay, here's the progress report of what I'm doing this weekend:

1. Sew up the bellies of the giant worms for Children's Hospital. DONE - Here are the pics. I made 10 of these total and the fabric varies on each one. There's only 9 in the worm stack because Mikey was running around with one of them. Guess I need to make one for him. . .

2. Cut more giant worms - this time going for a boy's theme. DONE - all cut and ready to go!

3. Buy more fabric. DONE - This is never an issue - LOL! Joann's had fleece on sale so I ended up getting a yard each of about seven different colors.

4. Buy more soap supplies. DONE - Order should be here next week, but I also picked up a new mold at Hobby Lobby. I can't wait for my other supplies to arrive. The ideas are swimming in my head!

5. Design pillow pals for Children's. DONE - I came up with two designs. Both are simple to support my assembly-line process, (I am the assembly line - I just don't have a sewing room anymore since we moved, so I have to do one task at a time and it's easier to do multiples). I also managed to cut the bodies, the arms and the legs. Still need to do the eyes, but I may not do that today since I'm technically ahead of schedule for a change.

6. Make at least one pillow pal for Mikey (the two-year-old) for Valentine's Day.

7. Wrap V-Day gift for Jake (the 11-year-old). DONE. We don't let Jacob eat sugar that much, so I his favorite candy for V-Day. The challenge will be trying to keep him from eating all in one day.

8. Find V-Day card for hubby that isn't too mushy. (He would never believe it - LOL!) DONE!

9. Make soy candles. DONE, but I'm not so happy with the results. While the smell is exactly what I wanted, the appearance is less than desired - the tops are not smooth. I purposely kept them white with the idea they would match any decor, and I made three of each scent: coconut, vanilla buttercream, fresh rain, beach, cilantro and orange cream. Turns out that making candles is not quite as close to making soap as I had thought - LOL! So, these will be keepers for personal use until I figure out where my technique is off.

10. List the Lavendar lotion I made last weekend. DONE! You can see it here: Clean Jellybean's Lavendar Lotion

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