Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Newest Critter Revealed!

For those of you paying attention, you may have noticed there was one item I did not complete this past weekend . . . I did not finish making the plushie for Mikey. Well, I buckled down last night and got it done. Here it is! (And yes, the legs are different lengths on purpose - LOL!)

Mikey has named him "Neme." Neme and Mikey are best of buds. Their favorite activitiy is jumping on the couch together.

Looks like this design will be a hit for the kiddos at Children's. Now, off to sew hundreds of eyeballs . . . .
P.S. Oh, and my reason for being tardy on this task is that I was re-designing my website. Check it out at



Diane said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Hope you find some interesting stuff there...

What a great selection of things you make! How on earth do you do it all, with a full-time job and a 2 year old too??

Your soaps look delicious. Is that bizarre...?

Caré said...

Hi Diane!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, I do make a wide arrangement of stuff, but it's my curious nature that leads me to try new things. I have a ton of fun that way.

I'm glad you like the soaps. I love baking, but since I'm the only one that ever eats the results and I'd like to lose a little weight, I now get my fixing from makign soap that looks & smells like sweets. :)


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